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what kind of sides go with chicken and waffles?

Many people associate chicken and waffles as a Southern dish, but did you know its roots are actually in Harlem? Besides, isn’t really just about the chicken and the waffles. You also need that perfect side dish to complete that Southern experience. So, what should you be choosing to make your chicken and waffles in Albuquerque the absolute best dining experience around?

But first things first…

Before you can think about the side dish, you need to learn the proper way to eat your chicken and waffles. This is soul food, after all, so it needs to be done right. Your fried chicken pieces should be served on top of your crisp and golden waffles. But before you top off that delicious combo with syrup, honey, or ideally a little of both, make sure you add some butter to those waffles.

Now that that’s sorted out, here are the top five side dishes for chicken and waffles in Albuquerque

1.  Fried Rice – Southern fried rice adds finely chopped onion, celery, and bacon with a touch of soya sauce to cooked rice, creating a steamy, savory complement to the sweetness of the chicken waffles. Fried rice is a perfect addition if you want to serve up some chicken and waffles for supper.

2.  Mac n Cheese – Probably one of the more popular side dishes for chicken and waffles, the best mac and cheese serves up noodles in a warm and creamy cheese sauce. For some added flavor, have some extra cheddar and Monterey Jack shredded on top and baked in the oven until it gets crisp and bubbly.

3.  Corn Bread Waffle (Buttermilk cornbread, to be exact) – This is probably the favorite side dish of many chicken and waffles fans out there who want an extra waffle. Why? Because corn bread is warm, crisp on the outside, with just a hint of sweetness. Its texture is a bit fluffier, but not unlike that of a waffle or pancake, so it complements the main dish well without overpowering or detracting from it. Its mild but sweet flavor is also a good compliment to the honey or syrup.

Ready to try the flavor of the deep South?

Is your mouth watering yet? Whether you are looking for lunch or dinner, there is a side dish that will help make your chicken and waffles in Albuquerque the perfect choice. Click here to learn more.