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seven cool facts about barbeque


There are many days to look forward to in the calendar year—Birthdays, valentine’s day, and Black Friday—but for those who like to grill and smoke meat, there is an important date to remember. July thirteenth is National BBQ Day. This day, and any other day that ends in “y,” is a great day to head to Nexus Brewery for a great BBQ in Albuquerque. When you are there, you can impress them with your 7 cool facts about BBQ.

What is BBQ:

There are a few theories about where the word barbecue comes from. The most popular theory is that it comes from a word in the west indies, “Barbacoa,” which means “to slow cook over hot coals.” The people of the Caribbean also claim it comes from their “barbicu.” No matter which theory you believe, we can now enjoy BBQ in Albuquerque all the time.

Ribs, ribs, and more ribs:

Going to any smoke house, ribs are one of the most commonly ordered items—and baby back ribs especially. These ribs are made from the same cut as a bone-in pork chops, but they don’t have the muscle attached to them. These lean ribs were named baby Back ribs not because of the age of the animal, but because they are shorter than spare ribs.

Brisket anyone?

Thinking of brisket should have your mouth drooling and your stomach growling. However, it was not always this way. In the 1800s, cattle barons did not want to feed the cowboys the good meat, so they threw them brisket. Brisket is the toughest meat on a cow. But the cowboys had discovered that if they cook it for a long time at a low heat, this tough meat became tender and delicious. Now Brisket is served at most smoke houses and BBQ joints in Albuquerque.

Mmm pork:

This favorite dish of the southern states is said to have originated when Spanish settlers watched natives smoke their meat over a low flame to preserve the meat and keep bugs away. Modern pulled pork is made with the shoulder of the pig. It is smoked over wood, then shredded and mixed with a sauce. It can be served on a bun for a sandwich or enjoyed on its own.

Too fatty, too burnt—nope, burnt ends are just right:

This favorite dish found at Nexus brewery, or at any place that serves BBQ in Albuquerque, was originally thought to be not good enough to eat. The burnt ends were thought to be too fatty or too burnt (from being crispy or charred in the smoker). These tasty treats were then tossed away or put into stew. A chief decided to leave them out for customers to snack on when they were waiting for their BBQ. They were a hit, and he added it to the menu. Burnt ends are now a treat in most smoke houses.


While we enjoy ribs and brisket for BBQ in Albuquerque, did you know that the original BBQ ribs may actually date back to the cave men. A cooking pit that dates back to 29,000 B.C appeared to have cooked ribs in them. Even men back then enjoyed a BBQ! The world’s largest BBQs, however, were a little more recent. A documented 45,252 people attended a BBQ in Nuevo Leon Mexico, and the most meat served at a BBQ was in La Pampa where over 30,000 pounds of beef were transformed into wonderful BBQ.

From ancient history to modern day BBQs in Albuquerque, people can agree, smoked meat and BBQ are fantastic. Find your local Nexus Brewery and enjoy all your favorites. For more information about BBQ, click here.